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Church History

In the Register of Deeds Office of Wake County, Book 15, page 403, the deed of Ebenezer Church is recorded. This deed was drawn up on the twenty-first day of May 1840. Polly and Rebecca Poole gave the land to the trustees of Ebenezer Church.

With this property and a small membership, Ebenezer had its beginning in this community. As soon as the church was fully organized things began to stare her in the face. In the year 1844, the Northern and Southern sentiment was hopelessly divided. This event affected the growth of this church because many slave holders lived in the community. The following year (1845) the Southern delegates met and organized the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. When this new church was completed from the standpoint of organization, Ebenezer became a part of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

After the formation of the new church, Ebenezer continued to grow. The church grew until the question of slavery became an issue with growing unrest between the North and South. Many of its members moved away and those left were not disinterested in the church. Before war between the States broke out, the Quarterly Conference discontinued Ebenezer. The benches were taken to Beulah Church near Garner, by Mr. Ferrebeau and his slaves who came on the church grounds early one morning to pull down the Church and haul it to his plantation. Mr. Ferrebeau was greeted that morning by Mr. Alphesus Poole and his shotgun. Mr. Poole threatened to shoot the first man that pulled a board from the building. The church was not town down. During the Civil War, some Northerners set fire to Ebenezer one morning. Mr. Jim Bauch Poole drove them off with his axe and put out the fire.

In the year 1862 or 1863, Captain Charles Nicholas Allen moved into this community. He was a staunch Methodist and he wanted to see the church reorganized. He began to inquire around and found that the benches were at Beulah Church. He took his team and some of his men and brought the benches back to Ebenezer. He found that there were six formers members living: Mr. Berry O. Bagwell and wife, Mr. N. B. Bagwell and wife, and Mr. Rance Poole and wife. There may have been others but these are the only names that have been identified. The few members, under leadership of Captain Allen, revived Ebenezer. Mr. Allen would bring the preacher from Raleigh on preaching Sundays. However, Mr. Allen was not satisfied with just reorganizing the church. Instead, he wanted to help the community in another way. He realized that the social life of the people of the community was adversely affected by the existence of a liquor still, located within a stone’s throw of the church. The people of the community were successfully removed the still from the community.

 In 1870, the Cary Charge was formed and Ebenezer became a part of that charge. Under the leadership of Rev. T. B. Reeks, Rev. A. R. Raven, J. J. Harris, B. B. Colberth, J. E. Johnson, W. N. Jordon and others, Ebenezer grew in strength and influence. When the preachers were unable to meet their appointments at Ebenezer, Jack Bagwell, who would always give of his time, would hold prayer meeting at the Church. In 1898, the Quarterly Conference elected Mr. J. S. Holder superintendent of the Sunday School. Mr. Holder remained the superintendent until his death in 1940, with the exception of a period of two years when Mr. G. W. Williams served as superintendent.

In 1913, the Garner Charge was formed and Ebenezer became a part of the Garner Charge. Rev. G. W. Fisher was the last pastor to serve this church from the Cary Charge and Rev. J. H. Buffaloe was the first to serve Ebenezer with the newly organized Garner Charge.

In 1916, the church was not able to take care of the growing Sunday School. Under the leadership of Rev. E. B. Craven, plans were made for Sunday School rooms. These rooms and some other improvements were added to the church.
The Quarterly Conference, held in the Garner Church, on April 16, 1926, appointed another building committee. Rev. M. T. Plyler was the Presiding Elder and Rev. W. G. Pratt was the pastor. The committee, comprised of Rev. W. G. Pratt, W. C. Holder, and John Allen, were charged to build a new church. Before the plans for the new church were finished, the community and its people were adversely impacted by the changes in the business world. Ebenezer felt the effects of the depression and therefore, the plans to build a new church were abandoned.

In 1948, a new building committee was organized. Its members were Walter Bagwell, M. P. Wall, Mortimer Poole, Herman Williams, Leon Vinson and Eugene Holder. Plans for a new building were drafted with construction planned on the existing church site. The old building was moved westward approximately 150 feet in June 1948. The ground breaking was held on June 28, 1948. The last church service in the old building was held on Sunday night, June 12, 1949 with Rev. R. G. L. Edwards preaching. The community gathered for its first worship service in the new building on Sunday, June 26, 1949.

On December 26, 1975, construction began on a new church parsonage to be located at 5012 Rock Quarry Road, Raleigh. The new residence was consecrated on Sunday, May 30, 1976. The total cost of the parsonage and its furnishings was $90,000.00. On May 14, 1978, the church community dedicated the parsonage and ceremoniously burned the mortgage papers. In March 2014, this parsonage was sold. Proceeds from the sale have been invested to meet the housing needs of future pastors.

In anticipation of the growth of the community, the Faith Center was built and finished in 2004. This new space, comprised of a gymnasium, an industrial kitchen, several classrooms, and new office space, has provided numerous opportunities to host larger events and groups.

On September 27, 2015, Ebenezer United Methodist Church will celebrate its 175th anniversary. Ebenezer has adjusted with the times to faithfully meet the needs of its members and the community all to the glory of God. We can only imagine how God will use this church and its people in the future.






Ebenezer United Methodist Church
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